El Pasoans respond to nightlife bar violence increases 2023

This weekend, City Representative Chris Canales issued a statement regarding the recent violence in his district, the Cincinnati Entertainment District, but the violence is not limited to his district.

Canales disseminated the remarks via a YouTube video, but media members were not permitted to query him about the incident or his proposal.

On Sunday morning, a gunshot was reported at a bar in East El Paso, just hours after Representative Canales issued a YouTube statement.

The Friday night gunshot in the Cincinnati Entertainment District that prompted Representative Canales’ YouTube response resulted in the death of a 25-year-old man.

At Profe Cantina, where a shooting occurred in January of this year, the fatal gunshot occurred.

Late in February, the suspect in the January shooting was apprehended, but the gunman from Friday night has yet to be identified.

According to some El Paso residents, bars have no influence over what occurs outside of their establishments.

“The establishment is not responsible for the crime that occurred. It may occur anywhere. “I believe it has a lot to do with control,” Angelica Torrez stated.

Others believe that establishments should bear responsibility for recent atrocities.

“I believe there should be a great deal of accountability placed on pubs and clubs. Beatrice Wells stated, “You have a responsibility to your community, and if you are overserving these people or allowing them to become a nuisance to the public, then I believe the responsibility should fall on their shoulders.”

“You go to a bar because you want to settle down, drink a beverage and a shot, and then leave. Dulce Acevedo stated, “It’s not like you’re supposed to anticipate something negative to occur.”

Regarding Rep. Canales’ proposal to address recent issues of violence, he stated that he would like to see the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission refrain from renewing liquor licenses for establishments with a history of violent incidents.

“My proposal is for the city to intervene in the renewal process for Texas alcoholic Beverages Licenses (TABC licenses) to oppose the issuance or renewal of liquor licenses by the state to bars that have been bad actors or repeat offenders,” Canales stated.

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