Mariyam Nafees’s photoshoot on the seashore with her spouse 2023

Mariyam Nafees is a stunning performer and presenter who hails from Pakistan. She has been in a number of popular drama serials, such as Yaqeen Ka Safar, Kam Zarf, and Mohabbat Chor Di Maine, among others.

Mariyam Nafees has a sizable following on social media, and her admirers just adore looking at her images. On her many social media platforms, she frequently posts adorable photos of her and her hubby. Mariyam Nafees will soon be featured in drama series Neem.

Photos of Mariyam Nafees and her spouse taken at a beach.

Mariyam has just recently been sharing the stunning photographs that she took during the birthday celebrations that she had for her husband on the beach.

On her Instagram account, the actress has posted a photograph with her and her spouse that is both cute and engaging. Both Mariyam Nafees and Amaan Ahmad are dressed to perfection for a day at the beach, and the results are really gorgeous.

In addition to posting her images, Mariyam included a charming commentary for them, in which she stated, “Girl is obsessed with this man and the beach.”

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