“My wife was a man before?” Psychic Jeremy Chan predicts Jesseca Liu’s cat’s fate 2023

Cats have historically been associated with the preternatural, and it appears that Jesseca Liu’s cat is no exception.

In an episode of Celebrity Pet Talk hosted by actor-host Jeremy Chan that was uploaded to YouTube last Friday (May 26), pet psychic Pearlyn Siew examined the celebrity couple’s 15-year-old cat Tigger. Siew also provided insights into Jesseca’s alleged past life.

“I don’t know if it was fate or something else, but my wife adopted Tigger. “When my wife went to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), only he jumped on her back and sat there,” said Jeremy, 41.

“At that point, my wife determined that he would be the one to adopt; the others ignored her.”

Siew mentioned Jesseca’s past profession as a fisherwoman when explaining Tigger’s behavior toward Jesseca, 44.

Jeremy repeated Siew’s words with a confused expression on his face: “My wife was a man in a past life?”

Siew continued, “Tigger was a drowning animal whom your wife rescued; consequently, he became a pet dog.”

Upon hearing this, Jeremy asked, “What about me?” What is my destiny with Tigger?”

According to Siew, Jeremy was Tigger’s very severe father in a previous existence.

Then, Jeremy apologized to his cat for being equally rigorous now, preventing Tigger from performing mischievous acts around the house.

Siew stated that Tigger still regards Jeremy and Jesseca near and dear to his heart.

“When it seeks protection, it will approach its father. “When it wants a lot of affection, it goes to its mother,” she added.

However, there are still instances when Tigger is annoyed with the pair.

When Jeremy asked Siew if their cat had anything to say, she replied, “He doesn’t like it when you both lock yourselves in a room without him.”

Then, Jeremy disclosed that he has allergies and has been taking medication for over a year to allow Tigger to sleep with the couple.

“He doesn’t want either of you to be alone,” added Siew. He believes you will be lonely and therefore wishes to accompany you.

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