Matthew Ramsey Updates Health After ATV Accident 2023

Matthew Ramsey is still recovering from an agonizing ATV accident he sustained in March. However, he has been able to abandon the cane as he recovers.

Ramsey, along with colleagues Geoff Sprung and Brad Tursi, spoke with ET’s Rachel Smith during Day 2 of CMA Fest 2023 at Nissan Stadium in Tennessee over the weekend. He discussed moving without a cane and whether or not that indicates he’s fully recovered.

“Yes, I’m standing,” Ramsey said with a smile, adding swiftly that he has “never been 100 percent” due to his general accident propensity.

In March, Ramsey took to Instagram to inform his followers that he had suffered a triple pelvic fracture in an ATV accident. Consequently, the ensemble had to postpone several scheduled performances.

“Yes, I’m still undergoing physical therapy. [But] growing better every day,” Ramsey told ET.

Sprung said with a chuckle, “I’ll tell you the most amusing thing about all of his accidents is that each time, a new physical therapy device appears.” “And then we’ll all get to try it.”

“Everyone has access to it,”

For the group’s performance at this year’s milestone 50th CMA Fest, Ramsey was able to perform without a cane. Sprung, contemplating the celebrated event, explained what makes it so remarkable.

“I believe the most significant aspect is that fans have so much access to the artists,” Sprung said. It’s such a cool opportunity to meet individuals from all over the country who travel to this area.

“And we get to sleep in our own bed,” Tursi added, referring to the fact that the event will be held in their homeland.

“We get to play the show and then go home,” Ramsey said, which is a luxury for a band that continuously tours and performs across the nation.

Old Dominion’s performance at this year’s CMA Fest, hosted by Dierks Bentley, Elle King, and Lainey Wilson, will broadcast on ABC on July 19.

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