NYC debut of restored 3D “Robot Monster” 2023

One of the most laughably awful films that has ever been produced is finally making its debut in New York City, 70 years after it was first shown in Los Angeles, and it will be shown in a 3D presentation that has been restored.

Since the director could not afford a robot costume, he decided to depict the title character as a gorilla wearing a diving helmet instead. The film “Robot Monster” was directed by Phil Tucker and released in 1953. It was shot in four days on a budget of $16,000. It has gained notoriety among audiences for its distinctively peculiar concept of the eponymous extra-terrestrial invader.

Restored 3D “Robot Monster” to debut in NYC

When you add in some ridiculously melodramatic dialogue and remarkably bad acting from a then-unknown B-movie star named George Nader and blacklisted character actress Selena Royle – not to mention a wildly out-of-place score from a future Oscar-winning composer named Elmer Bernstein – the resulting “Robot Monster” has gone down through the years as a perennial choice in rankings of the most wonderfully worst films ever made.

Although “Robot Monster” was presented in a “flat” format for the majority of its showings in 1953, the film was created with the intention of being a 3D theatrical release. This remastered screening takes place just prior to BayView Entertainment’s forthcoming release of the film on 3-D Blu-Ray and DVD.

“Our team is very proud of this 70th anniversary restoration,” said Bob Furmanek, CEO of 3-D Film Archive, the firm that is responsible for this presentation. 3-D Film Archive is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

The film “Robot Monster” will be shown on June 24 at three o’clock in the afternoon at the Dolby Screening Room in Manhattan, which is located at 1360 Avenue of the Americas.

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