Succession Fans Are ‘Obsessed’ With Penultimate Episode’s ‘Perfect’ Cameo 2023

With Logan Roy now figuratively deceased and interred, the final episode of Succession’s final season remains.

As upsetting as it is to hear… Wasn’t that funeral episode phenomenal?

In the penultimate episode of the fourth and final season of Succession, which aired in the United States on Sunday, the Roy children arrived at their father’s funeral as their tension escalated.

During the episode, the late mogul’s estranged wife, ex-wife, and companions from the past and present met for the first time in an unforgettable scenario.

What some observers may have missed, however, was a rather brilliant casting choice.

Logan’s ex-lover Sally-Anne appeared in one of the episode’s most notorious sequences, portrayed by Brian Cox’s real-life wife, actress and filmmaker Nicole Ansari-Cox.

As more Succession admirers noticed Nicole’s appearance in the episode, they praised it as “perfect” and “delicious”

The director of Succession, Mark Mylod, has since revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that Nicole won the role after shadowing him on set.

“She asked if she could shadow me because she is a director, and she wanted to shadow me throughout the episode. I was pleased with her decision,” he revealed.

“She is a truly lovely person and an accomplished director. So she remained with me.”

“When we received the script, there was this character named Sally Anne. She announced, “This is me! It perfectly fits my persona. Permit me to read for it, please?

“I said, ‘Nicole, blow yourself out!’. And she was phenomenal. So she received the part.”

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