Harrison Ford defends Indiana Jones after poor reviews 2023

The fifth and final Indiana Jones feature, The Dial of Destiny, was screened last week at the Cannes feature Festival for fans and critics. This was the first public screening of the film, and there was a great deal of interest in how it would turn out; particularly after The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’s box office failure.

James Mangold, Harrison Ford, and the rest of the cast attended a press conference following the conclusion of the film to discuss it.

During this time, Ford responded to the criticisms the film has received so far, including remarks about the extensive use of CGI in his adventure.

Despite the negative feedback, Harrison Ford stands with Indiana Jones.

When the trailer for The Dial of Destiny was released online, it depicted the titular hero de-aged by Disney CGI, transforming the 80-year-old Harrison Ford into his 40-something self.

During a press conference, Ford defended this practice, stating, “I know that is my visage. It’s not some sort of Photoshop trick; that’s how I looked 35 years ago.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ford explained that Lucasfilm accomplished this graphic marvel by using footage and data from the previous four Indiana Jones films.

“Lucasfilm has every frame of every film we’ve ever produced together,” he said. This procedure, the scientific exploration of this library, was put to good use.

Ford went on to say that the CGI was inserted as a means of expanding the story, rather than as a conceit.

Ford continued, “It’s just a ploy if it’s not supported by a narrative, and it stands out like a sore thumb if it’s not authentic, genuine… I mean, emotionally real. “Therefore, I believe it was utilized [in The Dial of Destiny] with great skill.”

The American actor defended the unevenness of his final Indiana Jones film in response to negative reviews.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny received a meager 52 percent, placing it in the “rotten” category.

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