Aaliyah Kashyap’s proposal from Shane Gregoire 2023

Aaliyah Kashyap, the daughter of renowned and well-known filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, became engaged to her longstanding partner Shane Gregoire on Saturday. Aaliyah Kashyap is still floating on air after receiving a proposal in Bali, Indonesia.

The celebrity child took to Instagram to proclaim her engagement, writing, “Sooooooo THIS HAPPENED!!!! to my closest companion, my partner, my soulmate, and now my ENGAGED PARTNER! You are my life’s greatest passion.

Thank you for demonstrating genuine and unconditional affection. Saying yes to you was the simplest decision I’ve ever made, and I cannot wait to spend the remainder of my life with you. I will always and eternally adore you, FiancĂ© (I still can’t believe I get to call you that AAHHHH).

Shane Gregoire proposed to Aaliyah Kashyap in what manner?

Shane Gregoire secretly plotted the proposal and ordered her ‘dream ring’, as seen in a YouTube vlog shared by the daughter of the filmmaker Aaliyah Kashyap.

Shane was able to discreetly record the proposal and the entire planning process, as depicted in the video. The video then cuts to Shane describing how he orchestrated the proposal. He said, “I want it to be intimate above all else. Just me and Aaliyah. I do not wish to engage in grandiose activities. This is not my taste, nor do I believe it is Aaliyah’s. It’s too special a moment not to capture on film, so we can show it to our offspring…”

“Cried nonstop for three hours”

The video demonstrates Shane’s proposal to Aaliyah. As he and Aaliyah approached a rice field, he mounted a camera to the scooter. Then, he is seen approaching her from behind, surprising her by going on one knee and proposing.

Aaliyah became emotional and was observed crying. She then gave Shane an embrace and a kiss. Aaliyah stated in the video, “We were both weeping a lot yesterday. I cried continuously for three hours.”

Aaliyah is a social media influencer who promotes various record labels via her social media accounts and YouTube channel.

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