Will Ariana Madix film with Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss again? It’s known 2023

After Vanderpump Rules season 10, Ariana Madix stated that she no longer wants to work with Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss. After their March affair, Ariana Madix doesn’t want to see Tom Sandoval or Raquel Leviss. In an interview, Ariana claimed she won’t work with them on Vanderpump Rules because she’s fed up.

Ariana, 37, told a publication on Thursday, May 18, that she will not work with Sandoval and Raquel for season 11 after their romance. I have nothing to say,” She said, “Our show is very real and follows a real group of friends, and neither of them are in the group, so, good luck.”

On Bravo’s May 17th episode, Ariana confronted her nine-year-old lover about his months-long relationship with Raquel. “I knew he was trying to be that person so that I would be the angry person,” she claimed of their heated argument. When he started ranting at me, I felt relieved that he was finally being himself.”

On March 1, Ariana viewed Sandoval and Raquel’s phone footage. The revelation split them up and the network resumed shooting.

Vanderpump Rules 10 reunion

On May 11, the reunion teaser showed numerous cast members dragging Tom and Ariana through the mud. In the footage, Ariana names her ex and buddy “rats” and Raquel “diabolical, demented, and sub-human.”

“That girl is searching for identity in men, she has no identity of her own,” she added. “Willing to stoop so low as to f–k one of her best friend’s life partners, and that’s someone you think is a good person to be around?” Ariana raged when Sandoval confessed he and Leviss had a strong emotional tie, calling it “bulls–t” and “disgusting.”

Post-Tom Sandavol, is Ariana dating?

Ariana raises her glass to a new romance with fitness trainer Daniel Wai. “I’m enjoying myself and I would say I’m very happy right now,” Ariana told an interviewer.

“I met him at a wedding about 10 days later,” she said. I had no preconceived notions.” “I have just been taking things very, very slow and really enjoying myself,” she added. “And it’s just really lovely to interact with someone who is just so nice and kind and lovely and caring.”

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