Sarah Ferguson decorates Royal Lodge for coronation weekend 2023

The festivities commemorating Sarah, Duchess of York’s coronation got under way on Friday, and she also kept a nice promise she’d made earlier in the week.

The author, who is 63 years old, posted images that she had taken at a tea party that she hosted for residents of a neighboring care facility near her Royal Lodge property in Windsor.

The photographs shared on Instagram depicted a table with a red and white checkered tablecloth that was topped with an assortment of delectable delights that were suitable for a King and Queen.

Charles’ Crunchy Cream Cake and Camilla’s Tea were served alongside scones, strawberries, and a picnic box.

And of course, you can’t have a proper tea party without the actual corgis in attendance. After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September of last year, Sarah and her now-ex-husband, the Duke of York, took in two puppies and named them Sandy and Mick.

“I hope you’ve already hung the bunting in preparation for tomorrow’s coronation,” the speaker said. I can assure you that I have. Today, in order to assist the residents of the Manor Care Home in Windsor with their celebrations, I prepared a tea that was fit for a king and shared it with them. Have a great time this weekend! In the caption, Sarah is seen writing.

The Duchess of Sussex received praise from her admirers in the comments section after she performed the nice act. One supporter wrote: “How sweet! This looks wonderful Sarah!”

Another person concurred, saying, “How delightful! The bunting has been up, and we are all set and eager to watch!” A third person commented, saying, “Very fun, glad to see the corgis are celebrating!”

This comes after Sarah discussed her preparations on the show Loose Women for the day when King Charles and Queen Camilla would be crowned.

“As for me, I’m going to be hanging out some bunting and having a small tea party with a coronation chicken sandwich. That’s what I’m going to be doing. Simply said, that would put a huge smile on my face. “I also enjoy watching it on the television because I feel like you learn a lot more when you watch the television,” she remarked.

The Duchess of Cambridge provided the following explanation for why her name was omitted off the guest list: “The pundits are usually fantastic and then everyone, all the relatives come back, because remember I am divorced from him [Prince Andrew], so I don’t expect… You can’t have it both ways; you can’t get a divorce and then say, “I want this…” You can’t have it both ways; you can’t have it both ways. [You’re in] or you’re out.”

“It’s great to support big-time, and then when all the family returns home,

She added by saying, “I believe it is very fantastic to be supporting big time, and then when all of the family return home, I know all the ins and outs from pundits on television! In addition, there is a facility for elderly persons in the area, and I have a little van that has three wheels; it’s a three-wheeler. Perhaps I ought to bring the corgis and the bunting and sandwiches with me when I go down there.

It would appear that Sarah has done a good job of keeping her word. Feeling inspired? You might commemorate the coronation of the King in the following ways…

The Duchess, who is the mother of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, will not be present among the congregation of 2,300 people in Westminster Abbey; nevertheless, she has been invited as a guest to the coronation concert that will take place at Windsor Castle on Sunday evening.

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