New York Yankees ceremonial first pitch by girl group aespa 2023

According to an announcement made by the New York Yankees of the Major League Baseball on Tuesday, the girl group aespa will be the one to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for the squad on Thursday.

According to SM Entertainment, the group’s management company, Giselle will not be taking part in the ceremonial first pitch because of health concerns. This information was released on Wednesday.

This will be the first time that the girl group has ever thrown a ceremonial first pitch, and it will also be the first time that Korean celebrities have thrown a ceremonial first pitch in a Major League baseball game in eight years, following the first pitch that was thrown by singer and actor Suzy in 2014.

Aespa, a girl band, will be the ceremonial first batter for the New York Yankees.

Giselle, a member of SM Entertainment, will not be present during the group’s performance at the Governors Ball in New York City on June 10, according to an announcement made by the group’s U.S. team on Tuesday.

Giselle has been absent from group activities since the first of June, during which time she skipped recordings for the variety program “Knowing Bros” (2015-), which is produced by JTBC.

Karina, Winter, and Ningning are going to carry on with their activities as a trio under the moniker of the female group.

aespa is most well-known for its popular songs “Black Mamba” (2020), “Next Level” (2021), “Girls” (2022), and “Spicy” (2023), which were all released after the band’s debut in November 2020.

The most recent album by the female group, “My World,” was the most successful record in terms of sales in the first week after its initial release. It sold 1.68 million copies, making it the most successful album ever released by a girl group.

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