EA Games Becoming EA Entertainment 2023

In an effort to “empower our creative teams” and to make “faster and more insightful decisions around development,” Electronic Arts is in the process of shaking things up and launching a massive corporate reorganization.

According to the company’s CEO Andrew Wilson, this move was made in an effort to “shake things up.” However, you shouldn’t rush out and sell your dividends just yet because this change won’t have much of an effect on people who just sometimes play EA IP.

Rather, it is more of an internal separation of sorts, with EA Games being renamed as EA Entertainment (with a larger reach), and the ever-profitable EA Sports growing, becoming its own entity completely.

In Major Corporate Reshuffle, EA Games Becomes EA Entertainment

Wilson, who will continue to supervise both organizations, was asked about the restructure, and here is what he had to say about it: “We’re building the future of interactive entertainment on a foundation of legendary franchises and innovative new experiences, which represents massive opportunities for growth.”

Former EA Chief Operating Officer Laura Miele has been promoted to the position of President of Entertainment, Technology, and Central Development. Cam Weber will continue to serve as the leader of EA Sports, despite the fact that he will take on an increasingly important position overall.

Vince Zampella, a veteran of the video game industry and the creator of Respawn Studios, will continue to “lead the world-class studios responsible for Apex Legends, our Star Wars games, and Battlefield” under the EA Entertainment banner.

What are your thoughts on this new direction taken by EA? How do you feel about the company that has won the title of Worst Company in America not once but twice?

When we started this site five years ago, the majority of our readers had a negative opinion of the company, which, to be honest, was still very fixated with microtransactions at the time.

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