Taylor Swift Gillette Stadium train seats sold out quickly 2023

The commuter rail tickets for Taylor Swift’s concerts at Gillette Stadium later this month sold out as quickly as the concert tickets on Friday.

Train tickets for all three concerts on May 19, 20, and 21 were sold out within hours of going on sale Friday morning. Many spectators were left scrambling to figure out how to get to the performances.

Tickets sold out online at 8 a.m., but some fans weren’t prepared, so they had to rush to stations to try and acquire one, but by 1 p.m., they were all gone.

Kristin Zheng stated, “I literally dropped my breakfast and sprinted over to the Back Bay station, only to be told, ‘Oh, we’re sold out.'”

Gillette is notorious for traffic congestion, and Taylor Swift’s prepaid parking is sold out. Fans such as Emma Jones boarded a last-minute train to North Station in order to purchase tickets 10 minutes before they sold out.

“I felt pretty lucky, kind of like golden ticket Willy Wonka vibes,”

Some Twitter users requested that the MBTA add more trains or tickets. In a statement released Friday evening, the MBTA and Keolis said they are evaluating the feasibility of the proposal.

Due to the significant demand for this service, the MBTA and Keolis are evaluating the possibility of releasing additional tickets, according to a spokesperson for Keolis. Follow @MBTA_CR on Twitter for the latest updates.

The MBTA announced its commuter rail concert services in March, with trains from Boston and Providence to Gillette Stadium for summer concerts.

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