Udit Narayan initially met Anand and Milind, music composers 2023

Udit Narayan, who has been singing for a long time, talked about working with the famous music artists Anand and Milind.

In a special episode called “Music Marathon,” the show will feature some of the most famous people in the business, including great playback singer Udit Narayan, skilled lyricist Sameer, and famous composer duo Anand-Milind Srivastava.

Kapil Sharma, the host, asked Anand about the person who came up with the idea for the song “Dil me badi hulchul hai” in a talk that was very honest.

Anand, who wrote the song, said, “I get thousands of emails asking us to make songs that sound like they were made in the 1990s. People really miss songs like that, so I asked Niraj Mishra ji to write a song like that.”

Udit Narayan’s first encounter with Anand and Milind

“He left me free to do whatever I thought was best. The song had a strong rhythm, words that were typical of the 1990s, and a feel and groove that could be changed in any way. So that’s how this song was made.”

Udit Narayan also talked about his first time meeting the composers Anand and Milind. He said, “These two brothers, Anand and Milind ji, have a lot of ability. I met them for the first time through their father. Anzan Sahab ran into me one day and told me, “The music director Chitragupt Sahab lives close to where you live.”

“So, I answered with excitement, ‘He’s been a music director for a long time, and we’ve been fans of him since we were kids. How can I meet him?’ He said he would introduce me to Chitragupt Sahab and took me to his house.

There, Chitragupt Sahab asked me to sing a song for him. He said, “I don’t have a Hindi film with me, but I can give you 2-4 lines in Bhojpuri to sing.”

He added, “Then I sang a Bhojpuri song, and he said, ‘These are my two boys, Anand and Milind. They are in college right now, but when they make a movie, I will ask them to work with you.”

Salman Ali, Ashish Kulkarni, Sayli Kamble, and Rishi Singh, all from Indian Idol, will also be in the show.

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