Is Becky Lynch leaving WWE? All about wrestler’s leaving rumors 2023

Becky Lynch’s departure from WWE has been rumored for the past few weeks, particularly after her name change and an enigmatic tweet. Lynch is one of the most recognizable figures in her field, and her ascent to the top has been one of the most straightforward.

Becky Lynch sparked rumors of her departure from WWE when, prior to RAW on April 17, she issued an enigmatic statement on social media and altered her name. She tweeted, “I will not be attending Raw today.” Here is everything you need to know about Lynch’s rumored WWE departure.

Becky Lynch in WWE

However, it appears that Becky Lynch’s actions were intended to generate excitement among WWE fans, as she is not abandoning the business. It is common for wrestlers to alter their images or names on social media, which is unrelated to their profession.

Becky Lynch’s absence from Raw appears to have occurred at an inconvenient time, as she was scheduled to commence her rivalry with Trish Stratus.

According to reports, Lynch has been recuperating from a minor foot condition that has worsened over time and has nothing to do with the contract negotiations. Therefore, supporters need not be concerned about Lynch’s departure from WWE, as the situation does not appear to be particularly alarming.

Becky Lynch was defeated in the Women’s Tag Team Championship match on RAW, and Trish Stratus subsequently turned on her. The following week, despite Lynch’s absence, Stratus appeared on the red brand and explained why she had turned her back on Lynch.

Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus are expected to compete in a fantasy match at SummerSlam, according to speculations.

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