The date for the release of “Wicked Part 2” has changed 2023

The release of “Wicked Part 2” has been moved up to the Christmas season. The date that Wicked Part Two is scheduled to be released in theaters has been moved ahead to November 26, 2025, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The previous date was December 25, 2025.

Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande are two of the stars of this movie, which was directed by Jon M. Chu. Michelle Yeoh, who made history earlier this year when she won the Oscar for best actress, is also a part of the star-studded cast, along with Jeff Goldblum, Jonathan Bailey, and Ethan Slater.

Winnie Holzman, who wrote the book for the stage version of Wicked, and Stephen Schwartz, who won an Academy Award for his work as a composer and lyricist, adapted the musical for the big screen. The Wicked movies are based on the best-selling novel written by Gregory Maguire.

“Wicked Part 2” has an early Christmas release date.

Universal Stage Productions is the company that is responsible for putting on the Broadway musical. At the end of April, Universal picture chief Donna Langley told theater owners at CinemaCon that “Wicked is such a proud part of our legacy,” emphasizing that the musical had recently became the fourth-longest running in the history of Broadway.

They are currently working on constructing a full universe that I am certain will make your screens seem spectacular. The footage from the film was one of the most exciting parts of the yearly conference that the exhibitors attended.

Erivo plays Elphaba, a stubborn social outcast who has yet to find her real power, and Ariana Grande plays Glinda, a popular young lady who is gilded by privilege and ambition but who has yet to uncover her inner heart, in Wicked, the undiscovered story of the witches of Oz.

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