Disney’s Chief of Diversity Latondra Newton Resigns 20232

After six years at Disney, Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President Latondra Newton has resigned.

Newton oversaw Disney’s global entertainment and inclusive workplace efforts. She’s leaving to focus on her own creative firm and join another company’s board.

Newton’s direct subordinates will report to Julie Merges until a chief diversity officer is hired. Carrie Brown will continue to manage DEI’s internal communications team and Shelby Curry.

Newton was Toyota Motor North America’s group vice president of social innovation and chief diversity officer and Toyota Mobility Foundation’s chief program officer before joining Disney.

Newton left Disney a week after CEO Bob Iger revealed CFO Christine McCarthy’s resignation.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work

Success depends on diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI). DEI projects make workplaces more inclusive for everybody, regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, or other factors.

Research shows that diverse workplaces are more inventive and profitable. Diversity improves decision-making and problem-solving.

DEI activities promote social justice as well as commercial growth. Companies may support social justice through fostering workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Disney’s DEI Support

Disney has always promoted diversity, fairness, and inclusion. The organization has taken steps to make the workplace more friendly and inclusive.

Disney’s “Reimagine Tomorrow” project debuted in 2019. The project includes unconscious bias training for all workers, a mentorship program for disadvantaged groups, and a diversity and inclusion council with company-wide representation.

Disney is also diversifying its programming. The corporation has vowed to expand underrepresented groups in its films and TV series, both on and off screen.

CEO Diversity Role

The CDO oversees an organization’s diversity, equality, and inclusion efforts. The CDO develops and implements workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives with senior leadership.

The CDO must also ensure inclusive and equitable organizational policies and procedures. This involves assessing recruiting processes, employee benefits and remuneration, and training and development for all workers.

The CDO promotes content variety. Working with writers, directors, and producers ensures that the company’s films and TV series represent its audience’s diversity.


Latondra Newton’s resignation from Disney emphasizes workplace diversity, fairness, and inclusion. DEI-focused companies do better financially and ethically.

Disney has long promoted diversity, equity, and inclusion, and Newton’s departure won’t change that. The chief diversity officer is essential to making firms more inviting and inclusive.

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