Actor Jonathan Majors’ August 3 domestic violence trial 2023

A Manhattan judge said Tuesday that actor Jonathan Majors’ domestic abuse case will go to trial August 3, putting his Hollywood career in jeopardy.

Majors’ accuser claims he yanked her finger, twisted her arm behind her back, hit and injured her ear, and shoved her into a car in March in New York City, forcing her to tumble backwards. Police say she was hospitalized for minor head and neck injuries.

Priya Chaudhry, Majors’ attorney, told prosecutors Tuesday that she produced video evidence indicating the accuser attacked her client. Court documents do not name her.

Majors was a rising Hollywood celebrity who starred in Creed III and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. After his arrest, the US Army said it was “deeply concerned” and removed Majors’ TV ads.

Disney postponed Majors’ Avengers: Kang Dynasty to May 2026. Avengers: Secret Wars includes him in 2027.

Judge Rachel Pauley offered the actor “good luck” before scheduling his trial. Majors replied, “Yes, ma’am,” in Manhattan’s domestic violence court. Majors, 33, faces crimes, including assault, and could be imprisoned for a year.

His first court appearance since his March 25 Chelsea arrest was Tuesday. He appeared by video at a hearing last month when prosecutors revised the assault allegation to fit the accuser’s perspective. Original version utilized police officer’s account.

Before his case was called Tuesday, Majors watched from the courtroom gallery with his attorneys and his girlfriend, Shazam! actress Meagan Good.

Two men in different instances had their domestic violence accusations thrown out. Chaudhry encouraged the Manhattan district attorney to do the same for Majors and charge his 30-year-old accuser, “holding her accountable for her crimes.” Chaudhry demanded a trial for Majors without a decision.

Chaudhry claimed she supplied prosecutors with “compelling evidence” of Majors’ innocence, including footage of the woman attacking the actor and Majors sprinting away.

“We also provided photographs illustrating the injuries she inflicted on Mr Majors and photos of his clothing torn as a direct consequence of (the woman’s) violent actions,” Chaudhry added.

She also claims police and prosecutors discriminated against Black Majors. She alleged a white police officer mocked Majors when he tried to show him injuries he said the lady inflicted.

Chaudhry withdrew her court petitions opposing Majors’ trial after the judge made a secret judgment before scheduling it. Pauley gave Majors’ lawyers and prosecutors copies of her judgement without commenting in court.

Marvel villain Kang the Conqueror actor Majors brought his Bible and poetry notebook to court. He grinned and spoke only for three minutes with the judge. A protective order prevents Majors from contacting his accuser. The court warned that if he misses his trial date, a warrant may be issued for his arrest.

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