After his tent was taken, a royal superfan camped on the Mall claims he’s terrified to go to the bathroom 2023

Royal admirers tented on The Mall ahead of the Coronation are being robbed, with one victim having two tents taken in 48 hours while he went to the bathroom.

Chelsea royal supporter Patrick McCrossan had to sleep on an outside chair when his tent was seized and the replacement taken.

The 62-year-old from Northern Ireland told MailOnline that he is afraid to take a comfort break.

Despite a record 11,500 police officers on duty in London this weekend, Mr. McCrossan’s £670 GoPro and several phone chargers were taken from The Mall.

Mr. McCrossan was appalled that thieves were taking advantage of the Coronation to steal from royal well-wishers.

He thinks the robbers heard him mention he was headed to Green Park’s restroom.

Mr. McCrossan told MailOnline, “My stuff got stolen twice.” No tent. I bought two new chairs and two tents. I failed again.

‘No – I don’t see any cameras everywhere,’ he responded when asked if he had notified the police. Some men were loitering about, I believe. Since I’ve gone to so many of these events, I figured it was okay to claim I’m just going to the bathroom.

‘There were several that weren’t open, so I walked up towards Green Park to go to the bathroom up there and thought it would be alright. They were gone when I returned. I thought, “Oh s***, someone took my stuff.”

He continued, “My bag had phone chargers and all sorts of things and my GoPro.” I lost my £659 GoPro, which I got for my birthday in March. Lost a lot.

Because I go to so many intriguing locations and see amazing things, I got a GoPro for my birthday.

Mr. McCrossan stated that he was worried about going to the bathroom again.

He stated, ‘If I develop enough faith in those around me, even if they’ve just come, I think they’re fine – but I’ve just got to be sure I can walk away and feel that I’m not going to come back and it would be all gone.’

He was also ‘tempted to go and acquire another tent’ because Piccadilly had a tent shop.

A senior police official warned protestors who disturb the coronation may anticipate “very swift action” from police with “an extremely low threshold.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ade Adelekan informed media that the Metropolitan Police will not accept any criminal conduct disguised as protest at the event.

The ceremony will be guarded by 11,500 police officers and 10,000 military soldiers.

The area where activities will take place in central London is being scoured by specialist teams.

After a security incident at Buckingham royal on Tuesday evening in which a man with a knife tossed shotgun ammunition over the royal gates, Operation Golden Orb was reevaluated.

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