May bring GMA FantaSeries’ “An Oriental Odyssey” 2023

May will see the premiere of one of the most epic Chinese historical fantasy dramas on GMA FantaSeries.
In May, GMA FantaSeries will transport us back to the golden era of Chinese arts and culture with a new historical fantasy drama!

Based on Miao Juan’s novel, the Chinese fantasy series An Oriental Odyssey stars Janice Wu (Ye Yuan An), Zheng Ye Cheng (Mu Le), and Zhang Yu Jian (Zhao Lan Zhi). In addition to Kiki Dong, Yuan Wen Kang, and Liu Tian Zuo, the ensemble cast features a large number of additional actors.

In the month of May, GMA FantaSeries will premiere “An Oriental Odyssey.”

The historical fantasy drama takes place during the prestigious Tang Dynasty and focuses on the blossoming camaraderie between Ye Yuan An, Mu Le, and Zhao Lan Zhi.

Ye Yuan An, the eldest daughter of the Assistant Minister of Revenue, is an obstinate noblewoman who enjoys solving crimes and assisting others. She purchases Mu Le, an impoverished, amnesiac youth, with the intention of making him her family’s servant and assisting him.

Mu Le vows his loyalty to Ye Yuan An because of her sincere kindness and compassion. Together, they will meet Zhao Lan Zhi, a wise and intelligent police officer with an aptitude for solving crimes. As the three pursue justice for all the crimes they face, they will establish a strong alliance that will bind the lives of corrupt and avaricious nobility.

An Oriental Odyssey, which premieres on GMA FantaSeries on May 22, 2023, will eternally alter morning routines. Monday through Friday at 8:25 a.m., the ground-breaking Chinese historical fantasy drama will air.

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