Ex of Boris Becker criticizes him 2023

The 55-year-old tennis pro and his former wife Lily Becker, 46, have a 13-year-old kid together named Amadeus, but Lily believes that Boris, who spent eight months of a 2.5-year jail term for bankruptcy fraud, only cares about himself.

According to her comments to the Daily Mail, “Boris has come out of prison doing the whole ‘I am so humble’ thing. Prison has not changed him one iota. But it’s all Me, Me, Me all the time. I need a break.

In reference to an interview Boris gave on German television after his release from custody, she said, “Thanks be to God for the Peleton bike.

He was still talking when I got down, and I just caught a brief moment of him sobbing. I went upstairs and worked on it for an hour. made-up tears. Really embarrassing.

Was he receiving acting training in jail? I laughed at it. He is a man I know. This man and I were wed. This man and I are still wed. Nobody but Boris is important to Boris.

His ex-wife has called Boris Becker selfish.

Then he made a statement in a magazine interview about how a smart pair is required to co-parent a child. He was referring to Barbara [Felthus], his first wife, who has never stepped out to contest his story or interpretation of events.

“There were three of us co-parenting, but he seemed to forget that I had been married to him for many of those years.

Then he began gushing about his new flame, claiming that she was the great love of his life. What? How many of them are permitted? In all seriousness, I’m thrilled for them, but how can he talk to the world about the significant love of his life when his son, who ought to be that love, was scarcely mentioned?

Lily has also been dissatisfied with the way Boris has discussed their marriage in interviews.

I don’t know where he is,’ she added. He always appears to be moving. When he was released from prison, I wasn’t expecting things to be different, but I kind of thought he would see that I had to clean up his mess. I should have said “thank you.” I, on the other hand, received insults from his numerous interviews.

“I didn’t make many demands. He ought to have received a book on co-parenting while incarcerated. He’d have had plenty of time to read it. He could have picked up some knowledge.

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