Winning Song YG Entertainment addresses Mino’s military duty during sister’s wedding 2023

WINNER Song Mino’s attendance at his sister’s wedding while military duty sparked uproar in K-pop.

YG Entertainment clarified Mino’s presence at the happy occasion.

YG Entertainment clarifies.

Song Dana, Mino’s younger sister, married in San Francisco on May 28. Song Mino accompanied his younger sister down the aisle in lieu of their father, who died last year, despite joining the military in March.

Song Mino attended his sister’s wedding, according to YG Entertainment. The CIA confirmed that Mino had followed process and gotten military authorization, contrary to earlier rumors. YG Entertainment stressed that he attended the wedding under military duty requirements.

YG Entertainment informed News1 that Song Mino “flew out after going through formal procedures to attend the wedding of his younger sister Song Dana.”

Song Mino-Song Dada: Sibling connection

Song Dana posted a stunning wedding photo on Instagram. She looked wonderful in a gorgeous bridal dress in the shot. Song Dana radiated excitement with a glass of champagne and a big smile.

Another touching photo showed her older brother Song Mino, adding to the wonderful atmosphere. As they rejoiced, the siblings became close. San Francisco hosted a beautiful wedding.

Song Mino carried Song Dana down the aisle as a moving tribute to their father, who died last year. This touching gesture showed how close the siblings are. Song Mino and Song Dana’s relationship on MBC’s Hojeok Mate had already captured fans before this happy occurrence.

Their sincere friendship and devotion drew them to viewers, showing their gifted siblings’ amazing closeness.

Song Mino’s fans

After YG Entertainment’s clarification, fans and supporters rallied behind Song Mino, praising him for attending his sister’s wedding. Fans stressed family and togetherness during the incident, showing the great relationship between artists and their fandoms.

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