Liverpool’s “Turquoise Carpet” opens Eurovision 2023

The opening ceremony for Eurovision 2023 took place on Sunday, when 37 contestants walked the “Turquoise Carpet” in Liverpool, the city in England that is serving as the host city for the competition on behalf of Ukraine.

According to the announcements made by the event’s organizers, the 67th edition of the song contest will feature three live events that will bring together the cultures of Liverpool, the city where the Beatles were born, and Ukraine under the slogan “United by Music.”

The red carpet has been replaced with the “Turquoise Carpet” for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The competition was won by Ukraine the previous year; however, because to Russia’s invasion, Ukraine was unable to host the competition this year as is customary for the winning country.

With its entry “Stefania,” a blend of rap and traditional folk music that drew popular support from across the continent to achieve an emotional triumph, the country’s Kalush Orchestra won the event in Italy in 2022. The competition was held in Italy.

As the victor from the previous year, the nation is granted an automatic entrance into the grand final that will take place the following Saturday with the United Kingdom and the other “Big Five” members of the European Broadcasting Union, namely France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

The remaining 31 competitors will face off against one another in the semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively, for a chance to advance to the final round.

Monika Linkyt, who will be representing Lithuania in the competition, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to compete, despite the fact that she felt “a lot of pressure on her shoulders.” During Thursday’s semi-final, she will sing “Stay” for the judges.

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