Bindi Irwin’s dress at the Los Angeles Steve Irwin Gala Dinner honoring her father is heartbreaking 2023

On Saturday, Bindi Irwin honored her late father Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin at a Beverly Hills SLS Hotel gala dinner.

The 24-year-old environmentalist wore a pendant with her father’s photo to the evening.

Steve’s smile in Australia Zoo’s khaki outfit was vividly shown on Bindi’s necklace.

She looked gorgeous with a black blouse, jacket, and long flowery skirt.

Chandler, in a black suit and beige bow tie, joined Bindi.

Her mother Terri, 58, wore a black high-neck shirt tucked into a flowery skirt.

Gold shoes and straight hair made her taller.

Robert, Bindi’s 19-year-old brother, wore a black tuxedo with a khaki Australia Zoo button-up shirt.

The Irwins’ conservation effort at Australia Zoo honors Steve.

The Crocodile Hunter Lodge, a zoo’s luxury cabins, is the family’s latest homage to Steve.

The website lists four-person cottages at $949 per night.

The site’s “Warrior” restaurant honors Bindi’s father and Terri’s late husband, Steve, and his granddaughter, Grace.

Robert stated on Instagram Stories that Steve’s crocodile grandstands were used to make some of the structures’ wood.

‘So, a lot of the lodge is actually kind of in a manner hand made by dad,’ Robert stated in the tape.

The three trees out front were “originally planted by dad” and the site was Steve’s dream.

In the video, Terri said Steve always wanted guests to have an immersive experience.

Steve dreamed of tourists visiting Australia Zoo and staying overnight. She advised: Immerse yourself.

We wanted to fulfill his ambitions with stunning luxury accommodations surrounded by our conservation effort.

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