Harry Styles makes fun of tattoos that look like those on Geordie Shore 2023

Harry Styles quipped that he looks like he belongs on ‘Geordie Shore’ due of his numerous tattoos.

The 29-year-old singer / songwriter has over 50 inkings on his body and remarked to his buddy Roman Kemp that he looks like an extra from the reality TV program, which is the UK analogue to ‘Jersey Shore’.

“I saw him from behind, and it was only the tattoos that gave it away,” Roman told The Sun’s Bizarre column.

“He’s really bulked up.” He looks excellent for it, but he quipped that he appears like he’s joined the ‘Geordie Shore’.

“I’m sure his fans won’t complain.”

One of Harry’s tattoos is a matching penguin with Ed Sheeran, however Ed recently stated that the couple had “slowed down” with their tattoos.

“I think we’ve both slowed down a bit with tattoos,” he stated on the ‘Sprout’ show. I think it’s just like, ‘Let’s get heaps,’ when you’re in your early twenties, but I’m quite sure he’s slowed down, and I’ve definitely slowed down a lot.

“I’ve known Harry since I was 19, and he was 16 at the time.” When we first started, we both knew a guitarist named Chris Leonard, with whom I composed the songs “Lego House” and “Give Me Love.”

“He used to hang out with the One Direction boys, and Harry and I used to sleep at his house together.”

“When ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ hit number one, ‘+’ hit number one the same day, and we were both staying at home at the time.”

“Now that we’ve arrived, he’s on a stadium tour and I’m on a stadium tour, it’s quite strange looking back on the journey.”

“There’s something quite strange about going through your formative years.” He’s certainly on top of the world right now, having gone from being in the world’s biggest boy band to becoming the world’s biggest solo artist.

“And it’s just an incredible journey to see.” I’m very, really, really proud of him.”

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