Bob’s Burgers, Arrested Development, and Anchorman star jailed over Capitol riot 2023

According to court papers, Bob’s Burgers star Jay Johnston joined a crowd of Trump fans who confronted police during the US Capitol disturbance.

The 54-year-old, who voiced Jimmy Pesto, faces civil disorder charges.

After a California court appearance, a magistrate freed the actor on a 25,000-dollar (£20,087) bail.

An FBI agent’s complaint states Johnston helped rioters attack Capitol police in a tunnel on the Lower West Terrace.

The allegation states that Johnston delivered rioters a stolen police shield on January 6, 2021.

“He was close to the tunnel entrance, turned back and signalled for other rioters to come towards the entrance,” the agent reported.

After the January 6 incident, Bob’s Burgers “banned” Johnston, The Daily Beast reported in December 2021.

He also starred on HBO’s Mr. Show With Bob And David with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross.

He appeared in Will Ferrell’s Anchorman and Arrested Development.

According to the FBI, Johnston scheduled a round-trip United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, on January 4, 2021, returning a day after the violence.

After Trump’s Stop The Steal rally on January 6, thousands rushed the Capitol.

Johnston helped other rioters near the tunnel dump water on their faces and then pushed into the line of policemen, the FBI said.

The affidavit states that protestors shouted “Heave! Ho!” to coordinate pushes.

The agent said three Johnston colleagues recognized him as a riot suspect from FBI photos.

One of those colleagues texted the FBI that Johnston was at the Capitol on January 6.

It was reported as an attack. It wasn’t. Considered that. A mess. “Got maced and tear gassed and found it quite untastic,” Johnston wrote, according to the FBI.

Over 1,000 individuals were prosecuted with federal offenses for their Capitol behavior on January 6.

According to court records, more than 500 have been sentenced, with more than half serving sentences of seven days to 18 years.

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