Freddie Gibbs addresses ex-girlfriend’s ghosting claims 2023

After his ex-girlfriend became pregnant, Freddie Gibbs responded on social media to her accusations that he ghosted her.

Gibbs tweeted five lines on Friday (May 5) about the deluge of charges, including her paying for his phone, in the past 48 hours.

“I have no phone,” Freddie Gibbs stated.

Fans have joked about the issue and seen the message 1 million times.

The Fit Mami, Destini, explained her connection with Freddie Gibbs on Twitter earlier that day.

Gibbs started dating the adult film actor in 2020 and documented their romance on social media, from Paris trips to matching Cubs shirts. After she became pregnant, she claimed the rapper ignored her.

“Remember when I dated Fred Gibbs? “Let’s discuss,” she said. “Freddie slid into my Instagram DMs in 2020. He always supported me and knew I did porn.After we were official, bloggers started writing about us, but we were having fun.

“Then I went to Europe. It was fantastic.We constantly discussed having children. Nothing was one-sided.

After we returned from Europe, his American tour began. Buffalo, NY, jumped us. I fought looking thicc in orange. Freddie is behind the green.”

Destini then reshared the viral clip of Gibbs getting beat up in Buffalo last May, purportedly by Benny The Butcher’s gang during their heated fight.

“That day really changed everything,” she tweeted. Because of my paranoia, I needed Xanax. I had nightmares. It sucked. I felt insane sometimes.

Destini also accused Gibbs of spreading his cheeks for her, which made “Spreadie Gibbs” popular. The rapper tweeted, “The yams,” obviously dismissing it.

Alfredo has had relationship issues before.

Last year, Raven Tatum chastised Gibbs for detailing their breakup on his $oul $old $eparately record, including his restraining order against her.

“[I’m] over here chilling raising our son and i wake up to my govt name being called out on your album,” she tweeted. “[U] got new BM and gf. Discuss hoes. omit me. please.”

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