Eric Omondi and fiancée announce pregnancy 2023

Eric Omondi, a comedian, recently revealed that he and his partner, Lynne, are expecting their first child together.

Eric revealed to his followers on social media that he is excited to embark on the path of fatherhood, despite the fact that it took him 41 years to finally have a kid of his own.

I can’t help but feel like Sarah from the Bible’s story of Abraham; she waited her whole life for a kid of her own. Thank you, sweetheart, for allowing me to become a parent. And to God, we are grateful that you have given our kid back to us,” he added.

Thank you for your patience, God gave me my own after 41 years.

Lynne broke the news to her followers on social media and said that her phone has been inundated with congratulations and well-wishes from her pals since they found out about the pregnancy today. She went on to say that she had been keeping the pregnancy a secret on purpose.

“My phone is blowing up after I announced my pregnancy because I have been hiding in plain sight,” she stated in her post.

Fans and local celebrities have taken up residence in the comment area to leave encouraging comments for the winner;

@Akotheekenya: Omondi marwa ❤❤❤❤❤ Mii Omondi offers some pointers, sharp shooter. Congratulations

@iam_amberay: Many congratulations to you all!

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