Toad the West Sprocket jumping into Tysons 2023

Toad the Wet Sprocket’s Billboard-charting songs include “Walk on the Ocean,” “All I Want,” “Something’s Always Wrong,” and “Fall Down.”

Glen Phillips established the band in 1989, and guitarist Todd Nichols and bassist Dean Dinning are still with it. Music stays powerful.

On June 15, the band will perform at Capital One Hall in Tysons for the first time, performing all of its hits and songs from its latest album, “Starting Now.”

Phillips promised hilarity, mayhem, and Toad’s songs. I have many D.C. memories. Walking on the Mall and seeing government seeds and memorials as a youngster. I’ve always loved playing here, and it’s meant a lot to me.”

Marcy Playground, widely known for their 1997 single “Sex and Candy,” will perform with Toad the Wet Sprocket.

“It’s been a long time,” Phillips added. “We went out with them early on and really happy to do it again.”

Phillips will perform one of his solo songs midway through the concert, but the rest will be fan favorites.

Phillips and his bandmates worked separately throughout the epidemic. Dinning recorded and produced, Nichols designed custom guitars and fished, while Phillips focused on livestreams.

“I do a lot of choir leading, so I did that over Zoom and I did three live stream fundraisers on YouTube and I did a show every Sunday for about 18 months,” Phillips added. “I played more than usual.”

Two days before lockdown, the band recorded “Starting Now” digitally.

“We worked individually and sent tracks by Dropbox and made comments and we ironed things out,” Phillips added. “It was different but we created something special.”

He also released a solo CD, moved in with his girlfriend (now fiancé), and was thrilled that his three adult kids moved back in with him.

Phillips said it was unexpected but wonderful. The band had a great time and it would have been hard to be alone.

By 2021, Toad the Wet Sprocket was touring again and enjoyed the live crowds.

Phillips said audiences and he were excited. We and spectators were ready to play. It’s fantastic. Seeing how people value music has been crucial since you may take things for granted. “Playing music is a gift, and we’re taking advantage of it.”

Phillips is writing again and expects another Toads album in 2024. He loves that newer fans are discovering the band.

“There’s been a generation shift; the kids today are into the 90s stuff, which is cool by me,” he remarked. “It’s great when live stream viewers attend the shows.”

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