What killed famed actor Ray Liotta? 2023

After nearly a year, legendary actor Ray Liotta’s cause of death was revealed. Pulmonary edema and abrupt heart failure killed the “Goodfellas” star in his sleep, according to TMZ.

The journal also reported that the 67-year-old actor had atherosclerosis, which thickens arteries due to plaque accumulation in the inner lining. Ray died in his sleep while filming “Dangerous Waters” in the Dominican Republic.

Karsen Liotta remembered her father Ray.

Ray Liotta left his fiancé Jacy Nittolo and his 24-year-old daughter Karsen. At the February Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in Los Angeles, the late actor’s daughter offered poignant homage. Karsen said, “I’m so touched to accept this honor on behalf of my dad.

He makes me so proud. He was an exceptional performer and the finest brother, parent, and friend. Lucky me. Ray is a blessing. I adore you. Thank you for your efforts and impact on me and others that adore you. Everybody needs a Ray.”

Jacy Nittolo wrote Ray Liotta an emotional message.

Jacy, Ray’s fiancé, posted photos and a heartbreaking note after his passing. “My life these past two years have been nothing but truly magical,” she wrote. I adore Ray forever.

We laughed daily. Wild, good chemistry. We were inseparable. Dream-like love. I never met a more lovely individual. Even it is understated.”

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