Bella Ramsey says she loves Eurovision more than anyone 2023

While responding to Eurovision-related queries on Twitter, The Last of Us actress Bella Ramsey stated that “nobody loves Eurovision more” than she does.

The 19-year-old actor and Eurovision superfan “set the record straight” about the international competition in a segment titled “Why you’re wrong about Eurovision with Bella Ramsey” for the song contest’s official Twitter page.

Ramsey responded to a message from a user who claimed not to comprehend the purpose of Eurovision.

“The point,” Ramsey told them, “is unrestrained pleasure and profound happiness, meeting your coworkers the following day and discussing why you prefer Finland to Sweden.

“We are disseminating the musical traditions of other civilizations. This is education. This is precisely the purpose.”

She responded to a remark about Eurovision being “overrated” by stating, “Eurovision has over 160 million viewers on television, but this comment only received one like. Just stating.”

In the video, she also performed the 1974 hit “Waterloo” by Eurovision winner Abba in response to the question “Why do you listen to Eurovision artists?”

She was dissatisfied with the tweet claiming that Eurovision “is not a serious competition.”

Ramsey concluded with a performance and chorus to Jedward’s “Lipstick” from the 2011 competition.

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