Suga of BTS will add two August dates to his ‘D-DAY’ tour 2023

Suga’s global tour ended on Sunday, but he surprised ARMY, BTS’s fans, by revealing some fantastic news.

The singer, rapper, and producer scheduled two encore concerts at the southern Seoul KSPO Dome on Aug. 4 and 5. On Sunday, his solo global tour “SUGA | Agust D Tour ‘D-DAY’ in Seoul” at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in southern Seoul confirmed the news.

Suga, aka Agust D, played two days in Seoul over the weekend to 15,000 ARMY.

“2023 BTS Festa,” which transformed Seoul purple and featured activities throughout June, has finished. Many overseas fans who had flown in for the concert carried their luggage inside the stadium.

Before Suga took the stage on Sunday, a “trigger warning” displayed on the screen, alerting the crowd of gunfire and lasers and urging them to seek staff assistance. A loud gunshot and pyrotechnics followed by rain effects surprised the spectators.

Since his debut and especially after introducing his second alias Agust D in 2016, the musician has established a dark yet forceful musical personality. Suga was vulnerable and angry in his free mixtapes “Agust D” (2016) and “D-2” (2020), which addressed mental health. This year’s “D-Day” album maintained his honesty.

Suga toured 10 North American and Asian cities: Elmont, Newark, Rosemont, Los Angeles, Oakland, Jakarta, Kanagawa, Bangkok, Singapore, and Seoul. The artist drew 280,000 Army.

“Haegeum” (2023) and “Daechwita” (2020) began the Seoul leg with traditional Korean music.

Suga sat down, picked up a guitar, and started strumming an acoustic rendition of “Trivia : Seesaw,” his solo tune from BTS’s third full-length album “Love Yourself: Answer” (2018).

“SDL” (2023), “People” (2020), and “People Pt. 2” (2023), including IU, followed.

“You know how my solo songs are just full of rage,” Suga told fans later. “Now I’m aiming for milder music—oh, you want my songs to stay angry? Alright then!”

In “Moonlight” (2020), Suga yelled expletives, and in “Burn It” (2020), fire effects erupted every few seconds as Suga sang about destroying everything.

The rapper bounced around on stage and didn’t skip a beat or line like Suga or Agust D, and the firework effects enhanced fans’ concert experience.

Sunday night wasn’t just about his rapping. He showed off his guitar and keyboard skills, which he had been training since the outbreak. His 2016 song “First Love” was even about the instrument.

On Sunday, Suga was accompanied.

“It is pretty lonely performing without the members here,” Suga said, pointing to the rear of the second-floor seats where Jimin, V, and Jungkook were waving passionately in support of their bandmate.

The two-hour concert was nonstop. Fans waved their ARMY bombs and yelled in sync with the stage energy.

“Thank you,” Suga said. “Thanks for giving me the best time.”

Before concluding the show, he questioned, “Are you sad that it’s over?” His joyful announcement followed.

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