Nick Cannon Jokes About Impregnating Bianca Belair 2023

Recently, Nick Cannon was criticized for making a vulgar remark about WWE superstar Bianca Belair. The comedian appeared on Wild ‘N Out, an improvised sketch comedy and combat rap game program. He rapped about Bianca’s pregnancy in a song.

In the video that went viral on social media, Cannon can be heard rapping, “There’s a couple of bad people, they started causing trouble in my community. My mother was frightened by a minor altercation I had. Because I desired to father a child with Bianca Belair.” Here is the video:

The wrestler, who was also present, appeared surprised by the remark, while her spouse, Montez Ford, attempted to shrug it off. Clearly, WWE fans did not appreciate the peculiar remark. They expressed their disappointment with the Bobby actor via Twitter.

A admirer remarked, “Nick Cannon is pure garbage.” Someone else commented, “Call me crazy, but if I had been Montez, the show would have ended after that line.” Others shared this sentiment, as demonstrated by a third person who stated, “Her body language says it all for me. Gross.”

Nick Cannon on his unorthodox way of existence

Due to his high rate of procreation and comments he made on his daily talk show about his unconventional lifestyle, Cannon has recently attracted a great deal of media attention. He has been forthright about the arrangement, stating that he does not provide a monthly stipend or pay child support to the mothers of his children.

Instead, he asserts that he meets their requirements whenever they ask. He explained that Cannon’s ability to visit so many children in so many households depends on the day and, typically, on whose mother calls him that day.

In 2008, Nick Cannon married Mariah Carey. The comedian and she share 11-year-old fraternal twins. The couple separated in 2014. Brittany Bell is the mother of his daughter and two sons. He and Abby de la Rosa also have a daughter and twins.

Cannon has additional children with Bre Tiesi, LaNisha Cole, and Alysha Scott. With Scott, he also had a son named Zen, who died of a brain tumor at the age of five months in December 2021.

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