On the site of a mass shooting in an Illinois store are law enforcement officials 2023

On Friday evening, many people were reportedly shot at a shopping mall in Romeoville, Illinois, which is located just outside of Chicago.

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According to a news statement issued by the local police department, there have been two people sent to adjacent hospitals as of this moment. The statement made no mention of whether or not a suspect had been taken into custody.

The conditions of the victims have also not been made public at this time.

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It has been brought to people’s attention on social media that there is a significant presence of police enforcement officers outside of Scene 75, which is a family entertainment center located close to a Walmart. During this time, the police have decided to shut all of the roads in the area.

Go-karts and a roller coaster are just two of the attractions that can be found at Scene 75, which brags that it has “135,000 square feet of entertainment.”

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