Meghan Markle’s post-coronation prize is a’slap in the face’ to King Charles 2023

His daughter-in-law receives an award in New York City 10 days after King Charles III was crowned in London.

Meghan Markle will receive the 2023 Women of Vision Award on Tuesday, which honors “feminist changemakers” and “powerhouse grassroots leaders.” Gloria Steinem, co-founder of the Ms. Foundation, will present the Duchess of Sussex with her award.

Royal experts have questioned the timing of the award for the mother of two. The former American actress won’t attend the king’s coronation in London, Buckingham Palace said on April 12. The 41-year-old stayed home with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet in California.

Prince Harry, who has openly fought with his family, attended the wedding alone. The 38-year-old fled to California in his Dior outfit.

The Duchess of Sussex remained in California at King Charles III’s Westminster Abbey coronation.

Christopher Andersen, author of “The King,” told Fox News Digital that the timing was inappropriate since the duchess was away from “the single most important moment in Charles’ life and a singular moment in world history.”

“What a slap in the face to the man who walked her down the aisle when her father didn’t show up at her wedding, and to the country she adopted, for better or worse, as her own,” added Andersen.

“You know, charity begins at home,” he said. Harry looks like a fish out of water and is still aching. If she’s sympathetic and loving, she’ll prioritize repairing her husband’s connection with Prince William and the monarch. “Marrying into the royal family, accepting a title, and then fleeing to capitalize on your global superstar status seems tacky.”

Markle was called a “feminist, champion of human rights and gender equity and global role model” in a biography announcing her triumph.

“Her lifelong advocacy for women and girls remains a constant thread she weaves through both humanitarian and business ventures,” the release stated.

Andersen doesn’t think Markle will become a politician, even if Hilary Clinton was a prior recipient. For years, rumors circulated that the duchess wanted to move to Washington to advocate for women and girls.

“As I’ve said before, Meghan is aiming to be the next Oprah – a multimedia titan with real political clout,” added Andersen. She’s too thin-skinned to run for office. She wants to influence the election. Meghan is opinionated about causes and politicians, so expect to see her campaigning.”

Andersen said Markle’s recent accomplishment sends a message to the British royal family.

“She’s making it clear that she has a life of her own, doing the things she thinks are important,” he said. She also seems to be implying that earning a Gloria Steinem award is more essential than witnessing her husband’s dad become king of England. She’s taunting the royal family.”

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