GO LARGE Who is YouTube personality Airrack? 2023

According to reports, the YouTuber attained one million subscribers in less than a year and has begun to create a social media empire.

Who or what is Airrack?

Eric David Decker, also known as Airrack, is a YouTuber who posts humorous vlogs.

Three years after launching his YouTube channel in 2015, he finally began to acquire traction.

“couch series” is the title of his most notable content, which he created in collaboration with influencer Logan Paul.

Additionally, the 26-year-old went on to create viral challenge videos online.

The US individual also has a substantial Instagram following, with over 600,000 followers.

How did Airrack gain notoriety?

In 2020, Airrack’s ascent to prominence began when he impersonated a fake reporter and proposed to Logan Paul.

Airrack had approximately 1,500 subscribers to his channel at the time.

However, Paul was in Miami for his brother Jake’s boxing match against AnEsonGib, and the YouTuber took advantage of the situation.

He told Forbes, “That one moment was the spark that lit the fire that has been the last year and a half of my life.”

He flew to Miami and ambushed Paul; however, the audacious act earned Airrack the respect of the online community.

The climax was when he subsequently purchased Paul’s sofas for $17,000 after taking out a loan and documenting the ordeal.

Then, Airrack’s popularity skyrocketed, and he now has nearly seven million YouTube subscribers.

What is the relationship between Airrack and Mr. Beast?

Mr. Beast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, has a professional relationship with Airrack.

Airrack appeared in a Mr. Beast challenge video titled Last To Leave Circle Wins $500,000 as one of the last contestants standing.

He then participated in numerous other challenges and appeared in a Mr. Beast Gaming video.

According to Dexerto, Mr. Beast was invited to join the entertainment supergroup FaZe Clan; he accepted and extended the invitation to Airrack.

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