Europa Cinemas Names Fatima Djoumer Cannes CEO 2023

Europa movie, the pan-European art house movie organisation, announced a major management shift. After 30 years, creator Claude-Eric Poiroux is retiring as general director. Fatima Djoumer, the COO, will take over as CEO.

Honorary president of Europa Cinema, Poiroux created and developed the exhibition network. Over 3,000 displays are presently in 744 European cities. Poiroux said the network is more important than ever for European film growth and exposure.

Diverse, inclusive, and innovative Europa Cinemas members are active. Cinemas are vital to film, according to the group. The network innovates to grow audiences and its position in the film ecosystem.

Fatima Djoumer Selected as New CEO of Europa Cinemas

Djoumer and the new association steering committee were chosen. Luxembourger Nico Simon was re-elected president. Vice-Presidents are Slovenian Metka Dariš and Swedish Mathias Holtz. Benoît Thimister from Belgium is treasurer, while Maria-Magdalena Gierat from Poland is secretary.

Europa Cinemas operates independent arthouse cinemas in 744 locations in 38 European nations. The theater network sold over 83 million tickets last year.

Europa Cinemas and the European film industry are affected by management changes. The group has helped promote European films and independent theatres. European cinema’s growth depends on the network’s variety, inclusivity, and creativity.

Europa Cinemas is improving with Fatima Djoumer as CEO. Djoumer has helped the company succeed for years. Her appointment shows her passion and skill.

The new association steering committee is also significant. Europa Cinemas’ survival depends on the committee’s expertise.

European cinema’s growth depends on the network’s variety, inclusivity, and creativity. Independent theatres help promote European films and new directors. Europa Cinemas has led this trend, and its success is important for European film.

Europa Cinemas’ management changes affect the company and the European film industry. The association is improving with Fatima Djoumer as CEO and a new steering committee. Europa Cinemas’ diversity, inclusivity, and creativity are essential to European cinema’s progress. European filmmakers and independent cinemas need the network’s success.

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