DJ Brown Skin arrested after his wife’s death 2023

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has effectively apprehended Michael Macharia Njiiri, aka DJ Brown Skin, who had been evading authorities following the tragic death of his wife.

Acting on persistent leads, Kasarani police station officers apprehended the DJ on Thursday night, putting an end to his several-week-long evasion.

The authorities had requested a statement from DJ Brown Skin regarding the circumstances surrounding the demise of his wife.

Sharon Njeri, age 33, tragically ingested poison during the night of July 29 and 30 of last year, while the DJ recorded the incident on a device.

The DCI’s tweet corroborated this, stating, “Michael Macharia Njiiri, also known as DJ Brown Skin, was arrested by Kasarani police station detectives on Thursday night after weeks of cat-and-mouse games.”

A heartbreaking video depicting the final moments of Njeri’s existence emerged.

The disturbing footage, which emerged on April 1 via a prominent blogger, showed Njeri drinking a poisonous substance from a cup while the DJ recorded the scene.

Njeri collapsed on a settee after imbibing the poison and then called her two children to inform them of her impending demise. Tragically, she died shortly afterward. It was later disclosed that the DJ had shared the video with his other girlfriend, who lives abroad, prior to its dissemination to the public.

DJ Brown Skin evaded authorities despite repeated attempts to apprehend him for interrogation, resulting in an intensified manhunt. However, the detectives’ persistent efforts paid off on Madaraka Day, as the suspect was apprehended early in the morning.

“Efforts to summon the suspect to shed more light on the incident were futile as he remained evasive, prompting detectives to launch a manhunt that resulted in his arrest on Madaraka Day, just after midnight,” the DCI tweeted.

DJ Brown Skin is currently being interrogated at the Kasarani police station by investigators who are assiduously amassing information and witness statements. The objective is to construct a strong case against the suspect.

This was highlighted in the DCI’s tweet, which stated, “The suspect is currently being held at Kasarani police while detectives collect more information from witnesses to build a strong case against the suspect.”

DJ Brown Skin is expected to face charges of assisting suicide and neglecting to prevent it, in violation of Section 225 (C) of the Penal Code, once the investigation is concluded.

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