DeVon Franklin “retains affection for Meagan Good.” 2023

Love “has not gone away” for Meagan Good in DeVon Franklin’s heart.

Although the divorce between the film producer, age 45, and his ex-wife, age 41, was finalized in the previous year, DeVon says that he still has a great deal of affection for his ex-wife and revealed that they are still in communication with one another.

He said to the cast of ‘The Breakfast Club’ that “the love for us has not disappeared.” It’s just taken on a different shape.”

DeVon admitted that, ever since he ended his relationship with the actress, he has gone through a whirlwind of conflicting feelings.

On the other hand, the producer reports that he is doing “much better” than he was in the immediate wake of their breakup.

He added, “I’m feeling lot better mentally. But the process to that, like, I can sit here before all of you and have this interview and be calm and introspective and all that. But you do realize that comes from some kind of procedure, right?

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