After hinting Adept arrived his new place unexpectedly, xQc ends stream again 2023

xQc abruptly terminated his stream once more after insinuating that Adept had entered his new residence without permission, altered the door codes, and suggested that his belongings may have been stolen.

xQc’s 2023 has been turbulent thus far. From his public divorce with Adept, to his decision to back out of an agreement to purchase a Valorant team, to having to relocate after his intellectual property was exposed.

And despite the fact that xQc moved to a new home in Texas and revealed a new fiancée to end his Adept saga, the problems continue to resurface.

During a regular broadcast on June 6, xQc appeared troubled throughout and abruptly ended it after only four hours, which is significantly shorter than his typical nearly 10-hour-long broadcasts. This comes just weeks after he abruptly ended another stream and warned supporters that something was “wrong.”

Approximately an hour into his most recent broadcast, xQc abruptly informed his audience that he needed to do something off-camera. “I asked someone to help me with something at home, but the door code doesn’t work even though it worked three days ago…”

Despite not naming Adept directly because it would be a violation of a court order to do so, the majority of xQc’s viewers understood him to be insinuating that Adept altered his door codes.

There is evidently no way to substantiate this, so take it with a grain of salt.

It is worth noting that xQc has previously mentioned his problems with Adept in a similar manner. Such as when he claimed he was unable to pay his mortgage due to Adept barring access, without mentioning her or what she said.

Upon returning to his June 6 broadcast, he muted himself while taking what appeared to be a serious phone call on camera.

Later in the same broadcast, he informed his audience that he had to close everything down again. “I think I’m going to have to f***ing deal with stuff offline,” he said.

“This makes me feel uneasy. I have a lot of interesting stuff in my home, and it makes me uneasy that it could be taken away from me. It feels absolutely dreadful.”

However, after seemingly concluding things with his ending screen, xQc abruptly turned his camera back on to rant, curiously comparing his situation to that of Santa Claus, before abruptly cutting it off and terminating his stream entirely. Which viewers interpreted as him insinuating that Adept had entered his residence and was possibly swiping his possessions.

“If I claim to be Santa Claus, I can enter your home through the chimney. If he’s Santa, he’s allowed to go down the chimney, and if he decides to take up the cookie, well, holy f*** man, that’s just how it is,” he said before stopping the broadcast.

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