With INVU, you can become a homeowner.

To obtain a return on your investment, you may invest in contracts, save for them, and then sell them when they expire. The greatest approach to increase your income is to invest in real estate, rent it out, and raise its excess value. Therefore, the recommendation is to buy a large amount, develop it, and rent it out for a high rate of return.

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In the INVU Savings and Loan System, there are advanced plans that have time already walked or savings that can purchase it and earn you that time—typically 50% e—saving us time and preventing credit damage beforehand.

Plans that have the resources and time to accrue INVU credit from a set yearly l7 are considered mature plans by INVU. A maturation study is required. These are sold through my office so that your business may enjoy complete security.

As long as they are not plan 2 or plan 3 and have a considerable delay, we can activate and alter your INVU deposits and Loan Plans if you have been unable to continue with the monthly deposits. which, in order to provide you with the most benefit, need investigation.

As an INVU Authorized Advisor, I am here to help. The goal of purchasing a home must be accomplished safely: with the INVU, I offer ongoing support. According to INVU (National Institute of Housing and Urban Planning), 7% of people may be able to purchase a property.

To accommodate everyone’s tastes and financial situation, there are alternatives for both savings plans and loan plans. Plans come in three varieties: advanced, mature, and fresh. Up to 155 million colones, plus an additional 45 million for renovations or expansion, can be used to finance each home or department.

It is possible to construct prefabricated homes and urbanizations. Remodeling and expansion are feasible. based on your requirements.

If you save for a predetermined quantity of money over a predetermined length of time, you will always be able to receive financing. INVU will always fulfill your demands, and our customer service will walk you through the procedure step-by-step no matter how many homes or lots you own.

Traversing in the path

The initial stage is often batch selection; in order to be feasible for residential use, this has to have access to water and electricity, as well as the Use of Soil, which is defined by the local municipality and certifies that building is allowed on said lot. This is an essential element that dictates a great deal of what may be accomplished. The maximum buildable area, building levels, front, side, and rear removal, construction kinds, and approved uses are all included. It acts as the engineer’s or architect’s “starting point” for figuring out how big and what kind of house to actually build.

One essential element of the project’s success is the efficient utilization of the funds. This will dictate how far we can go at each stage. You can finish this process entirely or in parts with the INVU Savings and Loan System. For instance, you can buy a lot, build a house, and then add to or enhance it as you go through life’s stages.

Selecting the proper batch is essential. It’s like constructing a structure out of stone rather than sand. A lot that is flatter, away from streams or rivers, next to a main road, has playgrounds, common areas, a swimming pool, or a camping area will be worth more. Just look into the other options and choose the one that best suits your needs as a family or as an individual; there are many more technological and threat aspects to consider. Additionally, to make sure that it keeps evolving in the future while permitting the house to grow or get better.

The value of your house is decreased by cemeteries, unfavourable locations, pipelines, and high-tension wires, among other things. Therefore, before making a decision, these considerations must be considered.

To take into account everything along the building procedure

In the building industry, inexpensive materials can be costly; investing in higher-quality materials might yield greater results over time.

As an alternative, you may buy a turnkey package that comes with a finished project. Building a house from the ground up has the largest advantage since you can see exactly everything goes into it and how it is constructed.

Select finishes, high-quality bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, cabinetry, garages, and green areas; in other words, make sure everything fits your wants and tastes while permitting future additions or renovations. Over time, a location’s price increases with its level of strategic importance. To get a better deal, it’s also a good idea to compare a huge quantity, batch it, and split it among multiple relatives.

In terms of building, it is better to employ a firm or a construction master rather than doing the task yourself for hours at a time, as this approach takes longer and results in higher construction expenses. Seek out the greatest ideas to prevent headaches. The Work Risk Policy and the CCSS spreadsheet need to be in the builder’s or master builder’s name in order to reduce any problems later on. in order to avoid legal issues later on and to demonstrate who the employees’ true employer is. Builders have a very poor habit of leaving their employees unsupervised and, in the event that the CCSS or INS shows up, declaring the owner to be the employer even if this isn’t the case.

Achieving success requires tight budget management, proper handling of the starting budget, and well-defined finishing. and if there is a budget, the tastes are for the end.

Purchasing supplies

Avoid buying in little amounts since this can waste your time and raise your overall transportation expenses. The project manager should meet with you once a week to go over what supplies to acquire and in what amounts in order to cut down on waste and theft. Usually, you can get a thorough estimate of the supplies you’ll need to purchase before you begin work.

Try to limit the amount of items you have so that friends of others won’t be lured. Rather of making the first or closest purchase to construction, always investigate, evaluate, and select from a variety of possibilities. Give yourself ample time to come to the finest choice possible. This project has a multi-year timeline. Investing in high-quality materials will provide you more time before you need to do maintenance or pay additional workers. Do excellent work that will endure far longer as a consequence.

The INVU will pay you everything at once, by check or bank transfer, in less than 48 hours if you buy a lot, a house, or a mortgage. Your bank account gets credited with construction work so you may make payments gradually. Every fifteen days or so, an INVU Engineer will assess your property; if you think the visit went well, please get in touch with us. Please be aware that INVU may require several days to get more cash into your account and proceed with the project. Having an emergency or contingency fund on hand is typically a smart idea in case anything unforeseen occurs.

Take what you require and move forward step by step. The specifications listed above are a great representation of what INVU is currently seeking.