The Top 5 Reasons Granite Makes the Best Countertop

Nationwide, granite countertops continue to be the most popular option for kitchen counters. Granite countertops, in contrast to the majority of other countertop materials, are entirely natural, incredibly durable, and offered in hundreds of hues to suit almost any style taste.

It is simple to see why granite has continued to be the most popular option for countertops over time. Among the toughest materials on the planet, it is long-lasting, low maintenance, and comes in a variety of hues and patterns. There is a natural granite to match any design style, ranging from delicate white granites to deep black granites and all shades in between.

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Instantly Raises Your Home’s Value

If you watch any television show about real estate or home repair, you’ll see that granite countertops are the most popular request from buyers for kitchens. Their dismay when they enter a house with quartz or another type of man-made surface is obvious. Granite continues to be the most often used material for countertops due to its natural beauty, longevity, and opulent appearance.

Even while the housing market has begun to improve in many places, there are still “buyer’s markets” in certain localities. When a property is sold, homeowners in some parts of the nation may be able to bet on receiving a 100% or more return on their granite investment. Although they aren’t the main selling aspect, granite countertops in your kitchen or bathroom may be what convinces a buyer to choose one house over another.

Unmatched in terms of Design and Style

Slabs of natural granite are all different from one another. Every slab, hue, and variety has a certain allure and beauty of its own. Regardless of the design type of your home, there is a natural granite slab that will look good there. The tones range from rich earth tones to vivid colors of green, blue, red, or yellow to more subdued shades of black, gray, and white. Many people liken their granite worktops to a unique, precious work of art.

Furthermore, there are just as many granite slabs in gentler tones with less spectacular veining as there are in striking hues and slabs. There are many of white granite solutions available for those who prefer the look of white marble patterns but are concerned due to marble’s upkeep requirements. While these granite slabs have the improved durability and simplicity of maintenance of marble, they nevertheless have the marble-like appearance.

Granite is resistant to heat, stains, and etchings.

To maintain the beauty of your granite, just wipe down your kitchen counters with a soft cloth and mild cleaner after every meal. Granite is durable, impervious to stains and etching, and will not burn if a hot pan is accidentally placed on it. If homeowners would like an additional layer of security, they may seal their counters in around ten minutes and receive a lifetime stain warranty.

An Economical, Extended Investment

Granite worktops are built to endure a lifetime and beyond. Comparably priced countertops, and even ones that are much more expensive than granite, will probably need to be changed twice over the following thirty years. New worktops for the kitchen and bathroom are essential to the room’s function as well as its look. They bear the brunt of everyday use in bathrooms and kitchens, thus they should be made of a timeless and resilient natural stone.

Every Slab Is Distinctive

You have to base your decision on a small sample, which could or might not be representative of what is delivered to your home, when it comes to numerous man-made countertops. You may browse whole natural stone slabs and choose the one you want for your house when you decide to install granite countertops. By looking at the entire slab, you may make an educated choice based on the natural veining and color variations that can differ significantly between slabs.

Granite is here to stay, it’s a truth. It is a timeless design that will hold its appeal for many years to come and provide the long-term durability required to support daily activities. When choosing granite for your kitchen or bathroom, you can be confident that it will always fulfill your needs and look amazing doing it.