Motorbike clubs: Camaraderie and brotherhood on Indian roads

Motorcycle clubs have a long and storied history in India. From the early days of the Royal Enfield Club in the 1950s to the present-day proliferation of clubs catering to all types of riders and motorcycles, motorcycle clubs have played an important role in the Indian riding community.

Motorcycle clubs offer a number of benefits to their members, including:

  • Camaraderie: Motorcycle clubs provide a sense of community and belonging for their members. Riders can bond over their shared love of motorcycles and riding, and they can support each other on and off the road.
  • Brotherhood: Motorcycle clubs are often described as fraternities or brotherhoods. Members support each other through thick and thin, and they look out for each other on the road.
  • Adventure: Motorcycle clubs often organize group rides and events, which gives members a chance to explore new places and meet new people.
  • Philanthropy: Many motorcycle clubs are involved in philanthropic activities, such as raising money for charities or providing support to local communities.

There are many different types of motorcycle clubs in India, each with its own unique culture and identity. Some of the most common types of motorcycle clubs include:

  • Brand-specific clubs: These clubs are dedicated to a specific brand of motorcycle, such as the Royal Enfield Club or the Harley-Davidson Owners Group.
  • Style-specific clubs: These clubs are dedicated to a specific style of motorcycle, such as cruisers, tourers, or dirt bikes.
  • Regional clubs: These clubs are based in a specific region of India.
  • National clubs: These clubs have chapters all over India.

How to join a motorcycle club

  • Research different clubs. There are many different motorcycle clubs in India, so it’s important to do some research to find a club that’s a good fit for you. Consider the club’s culture, values, and type of riding it does.
  • Contact a club. Once you’ve found a club that you’re interested in, contact the club president or membership officer. They will be able to tell you more about the club and how to join.
  • Attend club events. A great way to get to know a motorcycle club and its members is to attend club events. This will give you a chance to meet the members, see how the club operates, and decide if it’s a good fit for you.

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