Anil Kapoor was told he has no personality or presence: ‘Woh baat nahi’ 2023

 The actor Anil Kapoor reflected on the beginning of his career, when he felt insecure about his appearance, talent, and personality.

People frequently remark that he lacks the screen presence of actors from an earlier generation, such as Dharmendra and Shashi Kapoor, according to him. However, he is now considered one of the charismatic actors of his generation.

Anil stated in an interview with Manju Ramanan that despite his advanced age, Dharmendra is “still rocking.” “After that came Shashi Kapoor, who was extremely disciplined, extremely professional, and always on time. And Amitabh ji has always been punctual, professional, and disciplined.

Discipline was vital when I started my job since people never took my beauty, personality, or presence seriously.

He was also reminded of his prior remarks about his name being unremarkable compared to those of his siblings. He responded, “Certainly, so that was the circumstance. And I was cognizant of it. People would say, “His acting is good, but his personality is weak.” So I said, ‘Yaar, personality kaise karein?'”

Slowly, he said, he worked on these aspects of stardom and accepted constructive criticism. “I did my absolute best to groom myself, and of course, the right people entered my life and assisted me,” he said.

Anil stated that his mission to improve his appearance began with jogging, progressed to lifting weights, and now no conversation with him ends without someone complimenting his age-appropriate appearance.

In the impending action movie Fighter, directed by Siddharth Anand and starring Hrithik Roshan, the actor will portray an Air Force officer.

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